Try out our new Nutty Nitro Cold Brew + Moka-Nutty Nitro with locally roasted Conjure Coffee Nitro! Find it at market Saturdays and Pre-Order to reserve yours!



It’s about supporting our health, to fuel our happiness, and improving the present way communities eat and drink.

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Vicious & Delicious

All produce used is certified Organic, or grown by local farmers and we take the most care in preparing our juices
for the wonderful flavors our blends hold.



Where to Buy / How to Buy

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802


  • Fort Wayne’s Farmers Market at Parkview Field every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

  • Custom Cleanses are able to be purchased through us directly after your initial consultation. Please visit our cleanse page for more information.

    NUT MILKS are available upon PRE-ORDER only. Please call us at 574-527-4191 or email us at For available sizes and prices go to Nut Milks on our Menu page.




Beet Street Bottle Bill

Cash ♥ for ♥ Glass


Part of our Green initiative is reusing and recycling wherever we can. We strongly believe we can reduce the impact of waste on the environment with mindful business practice. Beyond our all American made glasswares, the plastic containers and "to-go" boxes are all compostable, a safe bpa free plastic made from corn. ( The plastic we utilize is also recyclable. )

Included in the price of our Juices, Elixers and shots, is a bottle deposit:

$0.94 per 16 oz

Bring your clean, rinsed & empty bottle´s back and receive the bottle deposit discounted off your next purchase. Have more than one? No problem. We can add it to your account and apply the discounts on your future purchases - including cleanses.

Keeping it? Go for it! While we appreciate all the returns, our bottles are great for storing water or other beverages on the go.

What if I can’t get the berries, mango, etc all out? If you have gone through the effort of trying to get the last bit of remnants out of a bottle, but it won’t budge, bring it! We have special bottle brushes to get those nooks and crannies before being being washed and sanitized.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Beet Street Bottle Bill. We appreciate all the returns!

Learn the history of Bottle Bills in the United States by clicking here! A Bottle Bill is a container deposit law to ensure higher rates of recycling and/or reuse.

Bulk Orders

Linus Von C - Order in Bulk but please contact for large orders



Bulk juices are available to order for your home, catering event, party, or office!


Our juice blends are available for purchase in larger sizes for special events and gatherings. Discount pricing is available on larger quantities, requires one week notice upon ordering, and can be delivered.


Our popular and delicious baked goods are available for wholesale purchase to stock your office, business, or event! Discount pricing is available on larger quantities, requires one week notice upon ordering, and can be delivered.

Whatever your needs are, we are here to help and provide the best options available to you. To ensure we have enough stock to fulfill the bulk juice order, we ask that the following requirements be reviewed:

Advanced notice required for bulk orders of:

  • 10-20 bottles / 16oz / 8oz 16/8oz 24 hours in advance
  • 30-40 bottles / 16oz / 8oz 16/8oz 32 hours in advance
  • 50+ bottles / 16oz / 8oz 16/8oz 48 hours in advance

Again this allows us the time to juice the amount of juice necessary to fulfill the order, and secondly it provides you with some crazy fresh juice!

For half gallon (64oz) or gallon (128oz) sizes please call us at 574-527-4191 to discuss the order further. Production time can be dependent upon stock availability from our organic suppliers.